2018-04-17 |

Players Interview

Malaysia national team has earned a great reputation of powerful badminton house; however, the team is still waiting for the next superstars. Let’s meet with the Malaysian rising talents through VICTOR special feature “Rise Up”....

2013-04-03 |

Players Interview

Liliyana Natsir became a VICTOR-sponsored player at the end of February; she was one of the five members......

2013-03-08 |

Players Interview

Below let’s find out from our special correspondent what the “people’s brother”-Jung Jae Sung has been up to since retiring from the national team...

2013-01-25 |

Players Interview

To challenge every game with the most initial passion, a real man sweating on the court and his future have infinite possibilities!...

2013-01-17 |

Players Interview

On the court Lee Yong Dae is perfection, but leaving his stardom behind, he is just a neighborhood kid...

2012-12-19 |

Players Interview

VICTOR : Everyone calls you Girl Genius, complimenting your unpredictable plays. How would you describe your plays? Tai Tzu Ying .......

2012-06-07 |

Players Interview

For Cheng Wen Hsing, badminton is a physical memory, it is etched in her mind, is deep in her soul and has an indissoluble connection to her life....

2012-11-13 |

Players Interview

With his Olympic gold medal halo and a handsome face, Lee Yong Dae has many “older sister fans”....