Have you ever dreamed of becoming Goku, Vegeta or Trunks in Dragon Ball Z? VICTOR and popular anime series Dragon Ball Z join hands to launch the VICTOR Z badminton limited collection, upgrade your power on court and become a Super Saiyan!



It’s the first time Dragon Ball Z collaborate with badminton brand. VICTOR combines the design of key characters Shenron, Goku, Vegeta, Buu, Piccolo, Goten, and kidTrunks with high-end products, creating unique equipment for Dragon Ball fans.


▲VICTOR x Dragon Ball Z badminton racket - Shenron


VICTOR x Dragon Ball Z badminton racket is transformed from Shenron as it attaches the dragon scales and pattern to the shaft. It adopts VICTOR All-Around series HYPERNANO X that features balanced speed, power and controllability. Seven Dragon Balls are scattered around the frame and front grip.


▲Racket comes with double-sided bag and the grip with Dragon Ball pattern.


VICTOR x Dragon Ball Z badminton shoes are inspired by the protagonist Goku and based on VICTOR popular shoe model A922. With classic blue and orange shoe body, and printing of iconic “GOKU”, “悟” and Four-Star Dragon Ball, it’s the must-have collection for Goku fans.



▲VICTOR x Dragon Ball Z badminton shoes – Goku


▲The shoe box contains classic characters of Dragon Ball Z and badminton court pattern at the bottom.


The proud Saiyan Prince Vegeta cannot be missed for sure. VICTOR x Dragon Ball Z backpack is designed based on Vegeta’s battle suit, and there’s an additional Dragon Ball radar coin purse hanging on the strap.


▲VICTOR x Dragon Ball Z backpack - Vegeta


In addition to the above equipment, VICTOR x Dragon Ball Z limited collection includes sports towel, wristband, and t-shirt as well. The towel represents Buu, the strongest villain in Dragon Ball Z, with distinguishable pink tone and M symbol.


▲VICTOR x Dragon Ball Z sport towel - Buu


▲VICTOR x Dragon Ball Z wristband - Piccolo


The wristband simulates Piccolo's muscles and adds on the representative symbol “魔”. The t-shirt is developed from the co-branded logo VICTOR Z and the classic fusion scene of Goten and kidTrunks, echoing the strong cooperation between VICTOR and Dragon Ball Z to create new badminton trend.


▲VICTOR x Dragon Ball Z t-shirt – Goten x Trunks


VICTOR x Dragon Ball Z limited collection will be launched in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Thailand in February.