VICTOR Launches Medalist Gift Box To Celebrate Polii and Rahayu′s Gold in Tokyo


Team VICTOR clinched a gold medal and a silver medal in Tokyo. VICTOR is proud to launch the medalist gift boxes to honor the players for their glorious achievements.


Greysia Polii and Apriyani Rahayu became the first Indonesian women′s doubles gold medalists in badminton biggest stage, and Tai Tzu Ying ended with women′s singles silver medal.


The medalist gift boxes take black as the main color tone, respectively combined with gold and silver to symbolize the medals and achievements of the players. Inside the gift boxes are players′appointed equipment, including a racket, a packet of string, and a set of grip.



The Medalist Gift Boxes (3D illustration)


"I know I was born to be a badminton player. And I had that faith when I was just 13, that I wanted to make history for Indonesia in women's doubles," said Polii emotionally after lifting the title. As the first timer to the big stage, Rahayu said, "Keep pushing with every challenge, and I forced myself to get this far, and to do the best I can." The quotation from the players are also printed in the boxes.


Polii/Rahayu Gold Medalists Gift Box (3D illustration)


The racket in the gift box is specially designed with Polii and Rahayu′s signatures on the frame, and the cap is printed with a motif with their initials.


The special decals of DriveX TOKYO GB

Tai Tzu Ying, who captured the silver medal, said "There is always imperfect in life. It becomes the motivation to pursue the better result. I just want to tell myself: Tai Tzu Ying, you did a good job! "


Tai Tzu Ying Silver Medalist Gift Box (3D illustration)


The medalist gift boxes will be launched in mid-October. For any purchase demands, please refers to your local distributor for more information.


Polii/Rahayu Gold Medalists Gift Box

Racket: DriveX TOKYO GB

String: VBS-63

Grip: GR233


Tai Tzu Ying Silver Medalist Gift Box



Grip: GR262