Groundbreaking Lightweight S99ELITE Launched With NITRO-LITE Technology



VICTOR S99ELITE, a groundbreaking lightweight badminton footwear built with NITRO-LITE technology, is going to rock the badminton world as one of the lightest badminton shoes! With each foot weighing only 250g (265mm), which is equivalent to an apple, S99ELITE is redefining speed-oriented badminton shoes and helping the players make movements and attacks with its extraordinary lightweight.



S99ELITE is the lightest footwear VICTOR has ever made. The perfect combination of large JACQUARD EM upper and NITRO-LITE midsole greatly reduces the weight of the shoes and further relieves muscle stress and tension, enabling lighter footwork and better performance.

Comfortable Fit and Ultimate Lightweight


The upper accounts for almost half of the weight of the shoes. After a great effort in experimenting, the VICTOR R&D team chooses the upper with one-piece JACQUARD EM mesh fabric. Built with a structure that is quite different from traditional mesh fabric, JACQUARD EM comprises three layers: a mono mesh upper layer, a durable and stretchable mesh bottom layer, and an interlayer made with drop-stitch structure to integrate the upper and bottom layers. The perfect combination makes the upper incredibly durable, comfortable, breathable, and lightweight. Meanwhile, the use of TPU membrane on partial upper provides greater stability and protection. The unique pattern design on the upper further adds a stylish accent to the shoes.



Push the Limits With Nitrogen

NITRO-LITE Technology


To achieve ultimate lightweight, the midsole plays a crucial role. The midsole accounts for about 25 percent of the weight of a badminton shoe and is key to the wearing experience. It is challenging to manufacture a midsole that can deliver both lightweight and incredible wearing experience. The NITRO-LITE midsole of S99ELITE is the groundbreaking solution to the problem. Unlike traditional method of making midsoles, the innovative technology impregnates high performance EVA embryos with nitrogen to rapidly inflate them under pressure difference. The NITRO-LITE midsole is not only lightweight but also has fine and evenly distributed apertures, which makes the structure stronger than traditional foaming material after moulding and shaping. The elasticity, durability, and lightweight wearing experience that S99ELITE offered is incomparable to other shoes on the court.


Flowchart of the Manufacturing Process of Supercritical Fluid


Structure of S99ELITE


Stability and protection definitely cannot be left out on the way to achieving the ultimate lightweight. The midfoot part of S99ELITE is made with a 1mm carbon fiber plate, which is twice thicker, and with ESS hard materials to greatly improve the anti-torsion performance in all directions and offer greater support and stability during forward movements. The combination of NITRO-LITE midsole and ENERGYMAX V can not only provide exceptional shock absorption on the heels during forward strides but also help the players make a strong and effective start. With lighter footwork and greater rebound, the players can make quicker and more powerful transition between attack and defense.

The ultimate lightweight VICTOR S99ELITE helps you clinch victory with innovative nitrogen technology.