BEYOND LIMITS: JS-10 Retouched, the Brilliant JS-10 Q in New Colors

Since the earliest launch of the BRAVE SWORD series to the latest JETSPEED S series, VICTOR’s speed type rackets have been consistently praised as the ace gear of victory.

In light of the incredibly well-received JS-10 that was first launched in 2015, VICTOR is introducing JS-10Q with blasting new colors in September 2017. Curios about the differences between the two models? Let’s find out! 


JS-10’s Classic Small Racket Face

JS-10 is one of my personal favorites! It is in matte black and white with water-transfer racket print and the SHARK TEC coating exclusive to JETSPEED S series. In terms of physical property, JS-10 adopts a smaller racket face to enhance the solid feel off each hit. A slightly stiffened shaft is used to enable swift drive shots with crisp hitting feel. Though it is a speed type racket, JS-10’s competence in solid attacks is unquestionably incredible. In recent years, I have witnessed the extraordinary performance of JS-10 in numerous games and regional competitions. Some of the medal-winning players who have obtained victory with JS-10 include the Thai star player Ponsana, Silver Medal winner of the Rio Olympics, Goh V Shem, Chan Peng Soon and Taiwanese men’s doubles player Lee Yang.

Taiwanese men’s doubles player Lee Yang

Taiwanese men’s doubles player Lee Yang (Right)

JS-10Q inherited the classics and surpasses

In the coming August, VICTOR is reintroducing the reputable JS-10 with the creation of JS-10Q in novel colors. You will be blown away at first sight by its striking appearance! The black flat coating adorned with red and green paints is undoubtedly the boldest visual design of all VICTOR rackets! Now, as I hit the court with the newly launched JS-10Q for the first time, I immediately feel the impact of its small racket design inherited from JS-10. My drive shots are speedy and the hitting feel is extremely solid. Whether it is a cut, smash or long shot, that solidity off each hit demands to be felt with such intensity. Regardless of the limited area of sweet spot, JS-10Q superb easiness and comfort is just beyond description. Its hitting and control performance is particularly phenomenal when shots are initiated at the right point of contact. Last but not the least, its most renowned feature as a speed type racket is its effortlessness in swings which gives shuttlers great advantage in drive shots and drop shots. 

JS-10 and JS-10Q Comparisons

Features, materials and hitting performance:

JS-10 and JS-10Q largely adopt the same design. Both adopt NANO FORTIFY and PYROFIL in shaft design featuring great stability with decreased windage. A smaller racket face is used to increase swing speed and consolidate hitting power. 


JS-10 adopts a V-shaped cap while JS-10Q adopts a flat-cut cap, adding 3 mm to the grip. Hence, the shaft is shortened. By careful comparison, JS-10Q shots are slightly more direct and speedy.


SHARK TEC Coating:

JS-10 uses SHARK TEC coating in its frame and shaft to enable smoother swing movements by reducing air resistance. Whereas, JS-10Q has canceled the SHARK TEC application. Excellent speed performance remained with the application of various coating and paints. 


Long hours of testing on JS-10 and JS-10Q is conducted to identify the subtlest differences by comparison. Findings indicate that the successful collaboration of the new coating of JS-10Q and minor changes result in consistent hitting performance. In short, JS-10 and JS-10Q are definitely interchangeable in different games or during a broken-string emergency. 


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